Using social media & mobile apps to reach your customers

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Business owners today must realise how important it is to get in front of customers wherever and whenever they want you. Expecting people to drive to where you are — or even call on the phone — is no longer a reasonable expectation. Two of the best ways to do that is through social media and a mobile app.

Social media is like the living room TV set of the past. People of every age are active on social media in The Bahamas. This isn’t a ‘young people thing’ and it isn’t a fad. It has changed the way we stay in touch with what is going on in the lives of our friends and family, communicate with people and businesses, and find our news. While social media hasn’t killed the TV, it is where valuable audiences are. Your business can reach and speak to that audience at incredibly low cost. And, best of all, the responses and engagement are completely measurable. You can know what is and isn’t working, quickly and easily change your approach, and see the results.

We can help you create an effective and ongoing social media strategy to reach and engage the people your business needs to impact. We have plans starting as low as $100 a month, and these are fully customisable to your specific business needs and scalable to any budget.

Building a mobile app for your business (for iOS and Android operating systems) is another way that Keen i Media can do to help your business grow. We can integrate your social media accounts and web site, and help your staff learn how they can be directly involved in making your mobile app a success. With a mobile app, you can:

  • Take orders (for food or other products) and reservations through your mobile app
  • Send instant push notifications/messages to all app users or just those in a specific geographic area (e.g. only in Nassau or only within five miles of your business)
  • Provide loyalty rewards
  • Show off photos and video
  • Collect feedback from customers or potential customers,
  • …and many other things.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help build a successful social media and mobile app strategy for your business, just call us (242-602-5336) or e-mail us to get started.

Erik J. Russell