Cable Bahamas, the country’s largest cable TV and broadband Internet provider and competitive voice provider, had a problem: their web site was not keeping up with the company’s fast-paced growth, product changes, and communications needs. They came to us to create an entirely new online experience for their customers, wanting to provide a much more visual website that integrated their marketing campaigns, was nimble enough to allow quick updates, and that stayed in sync with its other marketing and publicity initiatives. But, more than just having up-to-date content, the company wanted a site that was impactful visually, and fully responsive, so that it could be easily navigated on mobile devices. We created the website to completely replace their old site, built on a flexible and powerful content management system, created new photography and graphic design elements, new online forms, and product feature pages.

We built product sign-up functionality allowing website visitors to choose the products they are interested in and get a real-time cost estimate, then sign up for the services on that page. We integrated their online phone directory, and we implemented a live chat feature for their customer service staff to interact in realtime with their customers. We build a new customer service feature, with an extensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

This new web experience totally transformed the way that Cable Bahamas presented their products and interacted with their customers online. Visit to see for yourself.