TV, Film and Video Production

Want to create a new TV commercial? Do you have a live event and need multi-camera video coverage? Do you require a training video for new employees? Would you like to produce a documentary about your company or organisation? Are you planning the launch of a new product that requires news video footage? We’ve got what it takes to deliver a high quality product on time and within your budget.

  • TV commercials
  • Documentaries
  • ENG (Electronic News Gathering) /News Production
  • Interviews
  • EPK – (Electronic Press Kits) / Behind the Scenes videos
  • Live Events
  • TV features
  • Promotional Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Public relations
  • Product introductions

Keen i Media Ltd is the most complete provider of video production services in Grand Bahama and among the leading providers in all of the Bahamas. Our team brings together more than 20 years of diverse production experience that is much more than just knowing how to operate a video camera. From concept development to script writing, production planning to principal photography, location scouting to talent management, and post production to distribution, Keen i Media Ltd delivers.

We thrive where most other production companies lack. Many will tell you that having the right equipment is what differentiates them from everyone else. (We wonder if Shakespeare thought he had better quills than his competitors and that’s what made him so good!) Some will tell you that they are the most creative in the business. They will come up with the wackiest ideas and — trust them — it will be ‘great!’

Our focus is not on the weirdest or wackiest — unless that’s called for — and we don’t think having the best equipment necessarily gives the best results. Our goal is to achieve the best possible images and best possible sound, bring together the audio and visual elements in the most effective way, and make the right decisions that result in a clear message. Sometimes that message is best said without words. A compelling image or sequence of images can have an even greater impact than the clichés and tired old phrases we hear over and over (You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! For all your gardening/car/boat/makeup/grocery/[insert any noun] needs! The name says it all! …and these are usually set to Celebrate Good Times or Chariots of Fire).

TV Commercial produced for Palm Cay Developments in Nassau, Bahamas

We were once challenged with producing TV commercials for two direct competitors. They sold the same type of product, had stores about the same size, directly targeted the same type of customer, and were located less than a mile away from each other. On top of that, we had close personal relationships with the owners of both businesses. Even though these projects were under development for several months, as the production schedule came together, due to availability of talent and other factors, it turned out that the two commercials ended up shooting just one day apart. Our challenge, then, was to ensure that both clients received the same high quality of work, the same focus, energy and value for their investment. In the end, both clients received equally effective TV commercials—and we’re still friends!

Advertisement produced for Paint Fair Freeport, Bahamas

Of course, after scripts are written and footage is shot, the next vital stage is post-production. Keen i Media’s digital editing suites include Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Mac desktop and laptop computers, digital video decks and acquisition hardware, as well as a full complement of software and file processors for titling, 3D animation, effects and output to various formats for broadcast, cable, web, DVD and other video devices. We use these tools to bring together all of the elements into a cohesive and effective finished piece.

March On, Bahamaland – a short film produced for Cable Bahamas Ltd. written by Timothy Gibson and featuring Angelique Sabrina

From there, we handle the entire distribution and booking process. We author custom DVDs (including labeling and packaging), export the files in almost any file format, place it online where it can be embedded on almost any online video or social media site, and distribute broadcast quality files to local, national and international media electronically. We also ensure that your production gets booked on any of the private TV stations, ZNS, Cable Bahamas or international media, as needed — and all at no extra cost to you.

Keen i Media delivers the entire production package.

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