Resource Management

Managing the resources it takes to get the job done right is one of the core benefits that Keen i Media delivers to its clients. Not only do we help you develop the strategy you will need to effectively communicate your message, but we’ll organise the team, materials, equipment and locations that it takes to get the total job done.

We can arrange media coverage, get lights and sound systems in place, set up decorations with tables and chairs, plan food and tickets, entertainment and transportation — everything it takes to take the load off of you and ensure your event is a success.

We’ve built relationships with trusted service providers — from caterers to drivers to pilots to florists to musicians to engineers and cake designers — nationwide that we know will deliver with care, excellence, professionalism and value for your dollar.

Total event planning and resource management, including: 

  • talent: actors, musicians, vocalists, voice-over talent
  • locations & venues
  • tickets, ID bands and promotional materials
  • technical equipment & engineers
  • catering
  • specialty premium items and giveaways
  • vehicles & operators, including aircraft, marine craft, trucks & cars