Portrait & Family Photography

  • A portrait is more than just a photo of a face. It says something about the person in the photograph. It conveys personality. Getting it right takes a lot more than just pointing and shooting.

    At Keen i Media, we understand how to communicate with our clients so that their photos communicate the message they want. Whether it is a company executive, a family, a baby or a soon-to-be mother and her baby not-yet-born, we don’t just take pictures, we create photographs with our clients that they can be proud of.

    Our portraits have appeared in the annual reports of publicly traded companies and in the national media, but what makes us most proud is to walk into a client’s home and see the photo we made with them hanging prominently for all to see. To know that they look at that image every day and share it with their most intimate friends and family, and that is an honour —and a responsibility — that we do not take lightly.

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