Event Photography

  • Taking a photograph ultimately comes down to capturing a moment. It comes. It happens. It’s over. If you don’t record it in a photo or on video, it can never be recalled. And while looking at a photo can never be the same as the experience itself, it can be the only connection to that experience aside from our own memories.

    Keen i Media covers pretty much every type of event you can think of, from school graduations to concerts and Christmas parties, from product launches and grand openings to live stage shows and conventions, from weddings and baptisms to press conferences and political rallies.

    We know how to be discreet so that we don’t detract from the event itself. But we also know how to ‘get in there’ and grab the action as it happens.

    Depending on the complexity and scope of the event, we can shoot it solo or bring our team of keen-eyed shooters. We synchronise our cameras’ internal clocks to ensure that our final images match up in time, and we use wireless communications to coordinate our movements and get maximum coverage.

    Want us to provide our on-site “studio package” to shoot portraits and group photos? We can do it. Need on-site lab-quality printing so your people can walk away with prints in their hands? We’ve got it covered. Want an online gallery so your attendees can order prints after the event? We do that, too.

    You won’t find any other company that has the total package to cover your event, no matter how big or how small.

    • sports & competitions
    • product launches
    • theatre productions
    • grand openings
    • press conferences
    • weddings
    • parties
    • concerts
    • conventions
    • graduations
    • political rallies