Our Services

Keen i Media is a full service media production company.

We strategise, develop, execute and analyse marketing plans, business plans, advertising campaigns and production concepts.


  • Video Production

    We produce TV commercials, documentary films, news packages and feature stories, behind-the-scenes videos (a.k.a. BTS for EPKs) training videos, and live events for recording, broadcast on TV and streaming to the Internet.

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  • Photography

    We photograph products for advertisements, brochures and web sites; we photograph people for weddings, portraits, fashion magazines, posters, books and portfolios; we deliver aerial and ground photography for real estate, construction projects and surveys; and, we cover special events, news and corporate stories.

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  • Live Event Production

    Whether it’s a three-day conference, live concert, political rally, new product launch, church service, educational lecture or stage show, Keen i Media’s multi-camera production service delivers a level of professionalism and attention to detail that you can expect from The Bahamas’ top production company.

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  • Graphic Design

    We design and create: advertisements for newspapers and the web; brochures, posters and flyers; business cards; CD and DVD labels and covers; and layouts for beautifully finished coffee table-style books.

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  • Web Design

    We design, create and manage web sites, such as those for news and information outlets, retail companies, real estate agents, churches, civic organisations, and professional service companies.

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  • Audio Production

    Radio production today is more than just a voice over and a music bed.Effective audio production–whether for radio, podcasting, in-house P.A. announcements, on-hold messages, live events or long-form radio programmes, requires a breadth of knowledge that goes far beyond setting up a mic and pressing RECORD.

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  • Public Relations

    We deliver dynamic and effectual public relations services to corporate, retail, governmental and NGO (non-governmental organisations) clients. We produce press releases, photo journalistic images, VNRs (video news releases), and provide media monitoring, reporting and media event management services. We communicate with local, national and international media outlets to ensure that content is delivered in the most suitable format for specific deliery channels. And we assist our corporate clients with internal staff communiques and help manage key transitional periods, whether it be staffing level changes, new product launches, facility expansions, or disaster preparation and response.

  • Copywriting

    We write scripts for TV and radio, press announcements, news articles, editorials and business plans.

  • Distribution & Media Booking

    After we help you produce that masterpiece, how do you get it out to the eyeballs and ears that need to see and hear it? That’s where our expertise in distribution comes in.

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  • Resource Management

    Managing the resources it takes to get the job done right is one of the core benefits that Keen i Media delivers to its clients. Not only do we help you develop the strategy you will need to effectively communicate your message, but we’ll organise the team, materials, equipment and locations that it takes to get the total job done.

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