Our Approach

imagination :: inspiration :: innovation

These are the three things that shape the way we do things.


reflects how we approach a new challenge and what response we hope to create. We don’t want to do it the same old way just because that’s the way it was done before. We want to be sure that we look at new projects with fresh eyes, to avoid repetition or formulae that rob ourselves and our clients of unique and fresh work. But imagination is what we also hope is stirred in those that experience our work. We want it to cause people to think about things in a new way.


reflects both what we seek and the symptoms we want to stimulate. What motivates us? What is the source of a new thought or creative direction? We constantly seek out new stimulae that might spark an idea that we didn’t have before. It might be anything from a music video to a joke to a film. We also want our clients and the people that experience our work to be inspired so that the things that feed our creative brains are passed on.


reflects the tools we use and the way we use them. Technology is amazing. The miracles that surround us have become so commonplace that we often overlook their true power. We work hard at pushing the limits of the tools we have and are always on the look-out for new tools that will enable us to do more/different/better/faster. We also think about how to get the most out of what we already have. We can never buy all the widgets that we think are cool, so we are driven to figure out new ways to coax more out of the what we have at hand.


These three guideposts along with our constantly growing skill pool, technology experience, fiscal responsibility, formative business ethics and our management experience help us do what we do differently and — hopefully — better.