Our History

Keen i Media became a legal entity in January 2007. But its real beginning can be found decades ago, behind a clunky film camera, on a church stage and in front of a long obsolete computer. Some of the most innocuous experiences become the blocks upon which newer experiences can be created.

Keen i Media Ltd was created to become the best source of television, photography, design and creative thinking—not just in the Bahamas, but the best possible. After more than 20 years of experience in management, technology, marketing, photography, public relations and production, Keen i Media’s creator Erik Russell envisioned a company that could leverage all of those experiences in an uncommonly effective way.

Erik has managed retail operations, overseen successful and profitable sales staff, launched technologies in ways that have never been previously done, created work that has been honoured with international and national awards, produced shows for the stage and television, been a director and filmmaker, delivered his photography for magazine covers and internationally respected online news organisations, and has directed teams that have built revenue and garnered market responses that have broken sales records and created millions of dollars in value for shareholders.

Creative skill, experience and insight are not characteristics that bloom after a few days or weeks of sunshine and rain. They are constructed, dismantled and discovered through unexpected challenges, unforeseen opportunities and uncommon belief in the abilities that are often only partly tangible but still truly obvious.

Keen i Media operates under these values:

  • That excellence—not perfection—is both a goal and a journey
  • That clients are not just sources of income; they have individual needs, intentions, desires and schedules that must be respected, defended, grasped and realised
  • That technology is a tool, an enabler and a means, not a taskmaster, creator or excuse
  • That inspiration is an elusive and unexpected guest that should be welcomed and cherished while it visits
  • That hard work and good fun are not mutually exclusive
  • That imitation can be a beginning but never an end
  • That no one understands a thing better than its owner, its creator or its citizen
  • That every task carries a lesson for what to do or not to do next time
  • That there is no amount of money that is a suitable ransom for one’s integrity
  • That a relationship is worth more than a proven point or a won argument

Keen i Media is a licensed, bonded company located in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Why is this important to you, as client of Keen i Media?

  • Doing business with a licensed company means that you can have the confidence that Keen i Media is not here today and gone tomorrow. We are a law-abiding, legitimate provider that believes that the way we run our business says something about the way we feel about our clients—it says that you are worth the time and expense to do things the right way. It also shows you that we meet the licensing requirements of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the licensing authority in the city of Freeport.gbpa-sml-logo
  • As a bonded company, we can run our business most efficiently under the provisions of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, which governs the way companies do business in the city of Freeport, Grand Bahama. We can save money on our operation costs, have the financial backing to cover that bond, and we remain in good standing with our suppliers.
  • We know that our clients make the effort to do business the right way and it is only respectful and honouring to their efforts if we do the same.