Distribution & Media Booking

After we help you produce that masterpiece, how do you get it out to the eyeballs and ears that need to see and hear it? That’s where our expertise in distribution comes in.

Getting your message out is one of our key strengths. Leveraging the power of the Internet through web site and e-mail advertising, custom designing and authoring DVDs and CDs (including labels and covers with your own photography), delivering your TV and radio commercials through high-speed electronic transfer, and hosting your content on our own web server or through one of our online partners — we understand the technology and the art of getting the message to the audience in the fastest and most effective way.

Need 5,000 colour postcards for an upcoming concert? Want 1,000 door-hangers to promote your sale? Got to have 20-foot vinyl banners for your church or theatre event? We handle everything from photography to design to printing to installation.

We also handle every aspect of booking your ads in local, national and international media. We’ll help you determine an effective run plan and budget, book the air time or space with the media outlet, deliver the content to them and confirm that the media ran as booked. And that doesn’t cost you one cent more than if you did it yourself.

Don’t waste the investment you make in producing great content by then dropping the ball before it gets to the end zone — we make sure your message scores the points your business needs to boost the bottom line.

Distribution options, including:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • Print collateral
  • FTP and Online Media Delivery
  • Podcasts
  • Print, Radio and TV media booking
  • Streaming Audio and Video