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  • Creativecreative

    We don’t do the same ol’ tired clichés you hear every day. We don’t settle for ‘good enough’. We approach every new project with a fresh look and aren’t held back by ‘the way everybody else does it’.

  • Innovativeinnovative

    There’s a happy marriage between art and technology at our place. But technology is just another worthy tool that we use to deliver compelling and remarkable results for our clients.

  • KiM-Logo-Eye-01 50x51team

    We’ve brought together 18 of some of the most creative and innovative hearts and minds we could find. The diversity, experience, training and abilities on our team is unmatched in The Bahamas.

  • marketing

    public relations

    graphic design

    TV & film production


    web design & hosting

  • media planning & execution

    talent management

    live event production

    creative technology

    social media strategy & implementation

    business consulting

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